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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Celebrating Pride: Google celebrate 50 years of Pride history [doodle,LGBTQ]

Celebrating-of-pride, 50-years-of-pride
Celebrating of Pride

Google Doodle Celebrating 50 Years Of Pride: 

Google has given a special doodle to the LGBTQ + pride on the homepage.  Where Google has shown the journey of the Celebrating 50 Years of Pride in 7 slides.  Which is 50 years old.  The month of June is the pride of this community (Pride Month 2019).  The parade is removed from the community after getting recognition and acceptance of gender in the society, such as Gay, Lesbian, Trangender, Bisexual and Quir.  The people of this community (LGBTQ) celebrate enthusiasm while proud.

The parade is organized at Christopher Street in New York.  LGBTQ + people participate in this parade.  Parades are taken not only in New York but in many countries.  LGBTQ + Sexuality was rejected everywhere, for which the community had to fight a long battle.  In many countries it was accepted  But in many countries it is considered to be a crime. The first voice against discrimination arose in the US.  The fight was started in 1950 itself.  In 1960, the voice increased and appeared in the eyes of the world.  After the sound was over, the gay and transgender landed on the streets and made the world's first pride parade. After that it became a symbol of big change.  This pride parade in New York will be special because 50 years of LGBTQ + have been completed.  Even in India, homosexuality has been excluded from the category of crime.  In the year 2018, the Supreme Court recognized homosexuality in India while announcing historic judgment.

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